According to several studies, when the economy goes bad the demand for psychiatrist increases.  It’s anecdotal, but I have seen this in my practice as well.  The demand for psychiatric concepts in the surfing world, however, is nil.  Yet I go about this anyway, with an audience of a few.

The term shrink came about in the 50’s and 60’s during psychodynamic (Freudian) psychiatry’s heyday.   The comparison was made between psychiatrists and headshrinkers – tribal members who shrunk the heads of their enemies after they killed them.  You could say it is a derogatory term, implying that psychiatrists “screw with your head”.  But in this context, it is more a desire to break surf psychology down into component, understandable parts.

The Surfshrink attempts to bridge a scientific, medical background with experiential knowledge of surfing. Essays cover psychological aspects of surfing and surf culture. Some essays may be a bit technical or require coffee, but this is not the goal. We aspire for a better understanding of our selves, our culture, and interpersonal dynamics.

4 Responses to About

  1. Disston says:

    Great site Mr Surfshrink, you can’t fool us, we know there is a direct correlation between quality of waves and depth of content added to this site, the more you surf, the better you feel, the deeper the stories, so on and so forth…

  2. BIG BIRD says:

    Must be flat over there lately!
    Interesting reads Dr.

  3. BIG BIRD says:

    That is what I meant more than the above comment, depth of said time.

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