An Interpretation of Icons and Symbols

Man is not a Tabla Rosa, a blank slate, waiting to be shaped by the external world.  Man is instead filled with organismic, instinctual drives and eager to act upon them. The primary drive Freud called Libido, a life giving force of sexual energy housed in the unconscious recesses of the brain known as the id.  He viewed humans, like all animal species, as being born at odds and in competition with their environment.  Men and women are hard-wired, like animals, to pursue simple gratifications such as eating, love making, power and aggression.

Evolutionary Zoologist Desmond Morris’ groundbreaking book, The Naked Ape, describes humans as the “sexiest primates alive”.  Much of what we assume as “human” evolved through several million years of sexual selectivity.  Morris argues that many core physical attributes separating us from other primates relate to our unique sexual relations.  Unlike other primates, humans evolved to be relatively hairless- the lack of hair enhances the skin contact and pleasurable feelings associated with sex.  The male has by far the largest penis of any primate; the female is “always in heat” yet she can only conceive a few days per month.  Further attributes such as large breasts, full lips, and ear lobes serve no real purpose other than to catch the eye of the opposite sex.  Many of these evolutionary changes from early primates are thought to support longer term male/female pair bonding. 1

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